DIY: Mason Jar Vase

Hi everyone! Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE doing crafts and DIY projects! I’ve grown up doing a variety of crafts with my mom and grandma, and I wanted to share some DIY projects with you!

The first one I’m going to share is these super adorable mason jar vases. I think that these turned out so cute and look perfect for spring! They have brightened up my home so much already!


To get started, these are the materials you will need:


  • mason jars
  • acrylic paint – any color – you can get them from any craft store
  • paint sealer
  • paintbrushes
  • nail file or sandpaper
  • twine
  • flowers – mine are fake, but you could use real ones too!
  • newspaper or cardboard – to lay your project on

Start with a clean mason jar, and use a paintbrush or sponge brush to apply paint. I did two coats.


Once dry, use a nail file or sandpaper and lightly go over the raised areas in the glass to give it that ‘roughed up’ vintage look. If you don’t like this look, you can skip this step!


Once you have your jar how you like it, apply one coat of sealer. This will ensure that the paint does not chip or rub off. Then wrap some twine around a couple of times and finish with a bow. Lastly, add flowers, and you have a beautiful accent piece!


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY. I have another one that I will be posting someone next week, so stay tuned!

❤ Rylie


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