Random Saturday Shopping Trip

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! After making a yummy breakfast, the hubby and I ventured out to run some errands. He wanted to go to Home Depot, so naturally I had him drop me off Kohl’s! After that, we went to Target together, and then stopped for some yummy mediterranean lunch…so good! We had a lovely little morning, and now we are about to enjoy the beautiful day outside. Its finally 60 degrees and sunny! Before I go, I just wanted to show the few random things I picked up while I was out and about today!


So the first thing I found at Kohl’s is this super cute necklace from the LC Lauren Conrad collection. This is just a simple necklace with a rhinestone bar, and it is rose gold. I LOVE rose gold, it is just so pretty!


Also at Kohl’s (and kind of random) was this adorable egg holder. A friend of mine recently picked one up and I thought the idea of it is just so cool! I love to make up  hard-boiled eggs for the week and I think this will be a much cuter way to display them in my fridge (so much better than the boring carton)!


At Target, I FINALLY picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Powerless powder and the Fit Me concealer. I have the Matte + Poreless foundation and absolutely love it, so I figured I would try these two out!


The last thing I picked up is also from Target and it is this new book! I have never read anything from this author before, and to be honest, it was the cover that caught my eye! There were a total of 4 books by this author (and they all look just as cute!). If this one is good, I just may go pick up the other ones! Not to mention, I got this for 20% off…I love a good deal!

Well, thats everything I picked up today…not too crazy! I hope you enjoyed this seeing this…I know I always love to see what people are buying!!

Have a good weekend!

❤ Rylie

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