Colored Jeans

Happy Saturday everyone! How is your weekend going? I recently ordered a pair of light pink jeans online from Kohl’s (from the LC Lauren Conrad collection | here) and this is the first pair of ‘colored jeans’ I own. I am so excited to start wearing them and have already been thinking about outfits! So I thought I would put together a few different looks if any of you are unsure how to style colored jeans!
Colored Jeans

I love the versatility of colored jeans. As you can see, they can be worn very casual with a chambray button down or even a solid black or white tee. For a more girly, feminine look, you can add a dressier top, or a sweater and some heels. And of course, accessories are a must! Let me know your thoughts on colored jeans, and I hope this post helped you with some ideas of what to pair with them!

❤ Rylie

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