Lazy Sunday

Hi everyone! It’s Sunday, which means Monday is right around the corner 😦 I’m feeling very lazy today, as I do most Sundays. So I thought I would share of the few things I like to on Sundays to relax and to get ready for the coming week.

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First of all – Coffee (no explanation needed) – but how cute is that mug!?

Next up is my planner – On Sundays I like to get out my planner and get my week organized. I work full time and I’m also going back to school online, so I like to write down what assignments are due that week and what days I will be free to work on them. I also like to use my planner to plan out our meals for the week.

Usually I’m pretty lazy on Sundays, and I like to pamper myself a bit. I love to paint my nails and toenails so they are fresh for the week (and how pretty is this new Essie color I just picked up!?!). I also love to use my vaseline creme brûlée lip balm…it smells and feels so wonderful!

Last up on my weekend essentials is a candle. I LOVE the candles from Bath and Body Works, and there is nothing cozier to me than lighting a scented candle in the room. This one is Coconut Leaves and it smells so lovely (and it’s almost gone).

That’s everything! I hope you all had a great weekend and have a good week coming up!

❤ Rylie

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