4th of July Inspiration

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Do you all have plans for Independence day tomorrow? To celebrate our Independence, many people will be heading out of town, going to the beach, having cookouts and bonfires, watching fireworks, etc. Whether you are celebrating tonight, tomorrow (or all weekend!), I hope you have a great holiday!


When it comes to this holiday, I try not to spend too much time or put too much effort into my outfit. Usually I just want something quick, simple, but still cute and patriotic! My go-to look is a simple pair of shorts with a solid color top. My favorite thing to add is fun accessories. Bright sunglasses, a bold red lip (or blue if you are that brave!), and some fun sandals or a scarf. Anything that screams fun, but comfy!

I hope you all have a lovely holiday! I will be spending the day at the pool and then going to a cookout and possibly watching fireworks in the evening (if I can stay up that late!). Whatever you all do, HAVE FUN!

❤ Rylie

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