Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad it is finally the weekend! Normally, I share my monthly favorites, which consist mostly of beauty products. But today, I wanted to share some non-beauty products that I am loving at the moment. A little bit of fashion and lifestyle products that are especially perfect for the fall weather right now!



Ok, first up is a food item. This may seem a little weird, but I am loving this stuff! I always love popcorn, but especially during the fall when I cozy up to watch a movie or one of my TV shows, I love to indulge with a little popcorn. This popcorn is already popped and is supposed to be a little better for you. I love this flavor because it is not super sweet like kettle corn is, but has just enough sweetness!


I probably don’t need to explain this one, but seriously, blanket scarves are my go to right now! I have about three different colors of plaid blanket scarves and they are just so easy to throw on with any basic top (plus they are functional…they actually keep me warm!)


Lately I have been loving the look of mixed metals. I used to be all about silver, and then I was all about gold, now I’m all about the combo!! I love this necklace from Express because it is easy to throw on with almost anything, and I love that it has a few gold strands, a few silver, and a darker color. What I also love is that I can pair any other jewelry with it, and not worry about the metals matching!


Next is this hand soap from Bath & Body Works in ‘Cozy vanilla cream’. I just love the sweet vanilla scent, but it almost has a little spiciness to it! Love it!

And last, is one of the every popular candles from Bath & Body Works. I particularly love this scent ‘Marshmallow fireside‘. It’s part sweet, part smoky’. I love how cozy it makes me feel when I burn it! (So much that I have extras on hand!)

Let me know what you are loving right now!! Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

❤ Rylie

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