Halloween Must-Haves!


Halloween is tomorrow! Today will be my third installment of halloween themed blog posts. Today I am sharing what my must-haves are for Halloween. Although I did go to a costume party last week, not everybody likes to dress up, and I will be working on Halloween. So these are things that put my in the Halloween spirit without dressing up! Enjoy!

1) A bold lipstick! You don’t have to “dress up” to get in the Halloween spirit. Sometimes a fun, dark, vampy lip is all you need! And when else can you wear these colors?!? “Homegirl” from Kat Von D is the perfect vampy shade! This obviously isn’t one I wear often, but definitely this time of year! (P.S – its not as dark as it looks in the tube!)

IMG_0215 IMG_0216

(don’t mind my lack of makeup…just wanted to show you the lip color!)

2) Fun nail colors! I love doing my nails for Halloween! My favorites are dark purples, or dark almost blacks. I currently have on the black sparkle polish! Love it!


3)  A Halloween movie. There are so many good ones, but Hocus Pocus is a classic for me!


4) A yummy candle! I love burning a candle especially when I am watching a movie at night. Not only does it smell good but it adds a little bit to the mood! Any “pumpkin” candle is perfect for Halloween!


5) Candy. I love all candy (no discrimination here), but my favorite snack is a mix of peanuts and candy corn. I love the combo of sweet and salty! So yummy and festive!

6) Witches Brew. If you are a wine drinker. you have to try this (or something similar). This particular wine is made in my state (makes me love it even more), and it is a spiced red wine. Not only does the name of it work perfectly for Halloween, but I feel like fall/winter is the only time that a spiced red wine really works!


There you have it! Those are my Halloween must-haves! When I get out of work on Halloween, I will cozy up in my pjs with my glass of wine and watch a Halloween movie or two with the hubby! I can’t think of a more perfect evening!

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!

❤ Rylie

10 thoughts on “Halloween Must-Haves!

  1. ABeautifulWhim says:

    That lip color looks like it would be black and then you show it on and it’s a super beautiful dark berry. I like it! I’m thinking that Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Candle must be delicious smelling!! I think I’ll candles for trick or treaters tonight! You sparked an idea for me!

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