December Boxycharm

The theme of my December Boxycharm is ‘Pop Fizz Clink’ and it is supposed to be the 1920’s themed. I think it is a perfect theme for the holiday season! Also, this month, instead of the usual 5 products, we got 6 products! Let’s dive right in!

IMG_0718 2


TATCHA Petal Fresh Original Aburatorigami – Full Size – $12

IMG_0724 2

I had no clue what this was at first, but I learned that they are oil-blotting sheets made from 100% natural abaca leaf. I have not used these yet because my skin is so very dry in the winter and does not get too oily. However, these will come in handy in the summer when I get more oily!

Nelson J Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask – Full Size – $25

IMG_0719 2

This is a hair mask that is made from 100% argan oil and is supposed to be great for damaged or dry hair. I am really excited to try this out, and I love the coconut smell!

Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow – Full size – $15.95

IMG_0720 2

This is a really pretty champagne cream highlight. It looks very pretty and gives such a nice glow!

Bella Pierre Waterproof Gel Lip Liner – Full Size – $17.99

IMG_0722 2

This color of this liner is “cinnamon” and it is a really pretty brownish color with just a hint of red tone. This goes on very smooth and creamy, which is great!

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – Full Size – $19.90

IMG_0721 2

I was most excited about this product! I have been wanting to try these and have heard really great things! The color is just my style, a brownish/pink.

NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil – Full Size – $18

IMG_0723 2

I actually don’t have any cuticle oil right now, so I am excited to get this. The vitamin E and sunflower seed oil are supposed to be very nourishing and moisturizing. Excited to make this part of my mani routine!

All in all, I am really happy with this box (might be one of the best in a while)! Let me know what you thought of this box, and if you haven’t tried boxy charm yet, you need to! (no, I am not paid to say that, and I pay for this myself!). Click HERE to check it out!

Have a great day!

❤ Rylie

3 thoughts on “December Boxycharm

  1. stashmatters says:

    Oooh Tatcha is a fancy brand! Do let us know how you like their blotting papers.
    Jelly Pong Pong is such a funny brand name – hah. I like the packaging of that highglighter too – so cute.
    That OFRA liquid lipstick looks really good – will you be reviewing it?


  2. Adryana says:

    The products look so cool! I wish we had something similar to Boxycharm in Estonia. Anyway… I’m interested how the hair mask suits you. It definitely is a promising with its argain oil 🙂


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