NEW! Maybelline Color Stay Tattoo Crayon

Happy Friday everyone!! Yay!! So with all the new products being released in the drugstore, I have yet again found something new to be excited about! I have used the original Maybelline Tattoo that comes in the pot, but now they come in a crayon form! I LOVE that idea! While I have always liked the pots, this is way easier to apply (and less messy). You don’t have to stick your finger into the product. With the crayon form, you can simply glide it onto your eye. These are so creamy and crazy pigmented! I picked up two colors to try, and I am obsessed with them both!


The two colors I bought are “bronze truffle” and “lavish lavender”. These can be found at most drugstores right now, and also at


Top: Bronze Truffle || Bottom: Lavish Lavender

So far, I am so glad I got these! I think they will be so versatile….you can use it as a base, just by itself for a quick look, or maybe even smudged in the lower lash line!

Let me know if you have tried these!

❤ Rylie

12 thoughts on “NEW! Maybelline Color Stay Tattoo Crayon

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    Those look nice! I only have one in the pots. It was a limited edition from 2014 & a dupe for the MAC paint pot in Painterly. They made one that’s a dupe for Soft Ochre too but that was also limited edition. I found the painterly dupe about a year ago at the dollar store.

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