I’m Back!

Happy Friday everyone! In case you missed me (or not), I haven’t had a post in two weeks. I was on vacation for one week, and then just needed to take the next week to get myself back into the swing of the things, between school, work and housework. So now, I am back, and will be back to my normal schedule of M-W-F. So for today, I thought I would just share some photos of my trip!

My husband and I traveled to Jamaica with another couple. We went there last year for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it, so we decided to go back and take some friends! Where we live, it is currently about 20 degrees F, and Jamaica was in the 80s F….so warm!! We had a blast eating, drinking, swimming, and just relaxing!

Beautiful view from our room

Part of the resort overlooking the beach/ocean



Can’t get over how pretty and blue the water is!

One of MANY beautiful (and yummy) desserts!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing some photos! We had a blast, but I am glad to be back home and back to my blogging! Talk to you all soon!

❀ Rylie


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