My Pinterest Fail :(

Have you ever seen a recipe or craft on Pinterest, and thought “I can do that”, and then it turns out looking nothing like the picture you saw?!? Yeah, that happened to me. I went to a Halloween party over the weekend and wanted to make a fun dessert. So I found these adorable pumpkin cheesecake balls that are supposed to look like mummies. Well….it did not turn out as planned! These were such a pain to make and I was getting so frustrated! They turned out horrible looking and I was slightly embarrassed to even take them to the party, but I decided it was just funny! P.S. they tasted AMAZING and everybody loved them!

This is the picture I found on the blog that shares the recipe!mummy-pumpkin-truffles-2

And this is what mine look like ūüė¶ Pretty pathetic but kind of hilarious!


If you like pumpkin anything, check out this recipe (here)…they were are soooo tasty that it doesn’t matter what they look like!

‚̧ Rylie


Taste Test Tuesday!

Hi guys! So if you live in America, you probably know that every so often, Lay’s releases 4 new flavors of potato chips, and then the people vote on their favorite.

These 4 new flavors were recently released, and my husband and I picked up one bag to try out. We picked up ‘Southern Biscuits and Gravy’.


The other flavors are:

  • Greektown Gyro
  • West Coast Truffle Fries
  • New York Reuben


Some people may think these sound so strange as potato chip flavors (and I don’t entirely disagree!). But if you like biscuits and gravy, you HAVE to try these! First off, when I smelled the inside of the bag, it is exactly what you think biscuits and gravy would smell like. And as far as the taste, I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it does taste just like biscuits and gravy, and it is GOOD! Somehow (don’t ask me how) it WORKS!

Let me know if you have tried this flavor or any of the other ones? Are they worth trying??

‚̧ Rylie

Taste Test Tuesday: S’mores Oreo

Hi everyone! Today I have a ‘Tester Tuesday’ and I will be trying out the new Oreo flavor in ‘S’mores’. I believe these are new this summer, and my hubby had to slip in two (not one, but TWO), packages when we were grocery shopping!

So…this cookie is a graham cracker cookie, which chocolate and marshmallow frosting in the middle.

My honest opinion: these are good, but nothing to write home about ūüė¶ I don’t really pick up on the marshmallow flavor of this cookie, and it honestly just tastes like any other Oreo. I really had higher hopes for these because I am a huge lover of S’mores.

I’m not saying they are bad….just not as impressive as I hoped. (But don’t worry, we will still eat them!)

Let me know if you have tried these yet, and what your thoughts are!

‚̧ Rylie

Peanut butter and banana smoothie 

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely three day weekend and had fun whatever you did! I worked the majority of the weekend so I wasn’t able to go out of town (my hubby did). But I did enjoy some shopping (oops!), planting flowers, and just relaxing!

I don’t know about you all, but during¬†any weekend (especially a holiday weekend), I tend to go a little crazy on the food! It’s not hard to do especially when hanging out with family and friends. It’s so easy to indulge in burgers, hot dogs, chips, desserts, etc. So I thought today I would share something that I like to make when I’m feeling like I need a refresh, or even after a good workout. I did still get my workouts in this weekend (and treated myself a little in the evening!). Hey, when the hubby’s away, what’s girl to do?!? ūüėČ

So today I’m going to share my recipe for a peanut butter/banana smoothie. Its full of protein and so yummy tasting!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • handful of ice cubes
  • 1 cup of milk (you can use almond or soy milk if you prefer)

Just put it all in a blender of nutri-bullet, blend away, and ENJOY!

 Hope you all enjoy this and give it a try sometime!

‚̧ Rylie

Taste Test Tuesday

If you’re anything like me and LOVE your salty foods (especially potato chips), but are trying to eat healthy, you NEED to try these! I can easily put away of bag of potato chips (any kind), and I frequently¬†find myself craving salty foods. But for the past two months, I have been trying really hard to change my eating habits and become a healthier person.


So then I found these snapea crisps in the produce¬†section of my local grocery store, and thought I would try them out. They are very crunchy like a chip but are way healthier for you! They come in a variety of flavors, and so far I have not been disappointed with any of them! You can find them at Meijer (if you have that near you), or World Market. They may be at other grocery stores as well that I don’t know of!

Compared to potato chips, they claim to have:

  • 50% less fat
  • good source of fiber
  • low sodium
  • 120 calories per 22 crisps

I don’t know how else to say I LOVE THESE! They are so tasty and a much healthier alternative to normal snack foods. You should try them out!

‚̧ Rylie

Taste Test Tuesday!

Hi everyone! So I know my blog is mostly about beauty and fashion, but I want to incorporate one of my favorite things (food!). So after I tried what I’m about to share, I just knew I had to blog about it!

So, the product I’m talking about is a new flavor of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s called ‘The Tonight Dough‘ (starring¬†Jimmy Fallon). Contains: ‘caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough’.IMG_3639

This stuff is DELICIOUS! I’ve always been a lover of cookie dough ice cream, and I love peanut butter. This is very chocolatey (my husband thought it was too rich), but every so often you get a huge chunk of the dough…and let me tell you…that is the best part! I would put this up there as one of my favorites from Ben & Jerry’s. And I would definitely get it again in the future!

Let me know if you have tried this (and if you haven’t, you need to!)

‚̧ Rylie