Spring/Summer Fragrance

Hi everyone, welcome back! I’ve been planning on this post for a while, hoping the weather would warm up, but once again, today is a cool, dreary, rainy day 😦 But I  know the warm weather HAS to be on its way! So today I am sharing my favorite fragrances for spring and summer! When it comes to fragrance, I am usually drawn to woody scents that are more suitable for fall and winter, but I have three fragrances that I am obsessed with for summer season! All three are very different, and maybe this will help you if you are looking for a new scent!


Bobbi Brown “Beach” – This scent could not have been more perfectly named. It literally smells like a day at the beach. I know some people do not like this scent because it has a “suntan lotion” type of smell, but that is what I love! The main notes are: jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin. I just love this scent, and its perfect for a vacation, or just a hot summer day! This was the only scent I took on a recent vacation to Jamaica and it was perfect to spray on night and I smelled like I had just spent the day at the beach (which I had) 🙂

Clinique “Happy in Bloom” – This scent is very different than the first one. This is more of a floral (as the name implies). The notes are: Yellow Plum, Watery Green Notes, White Freesia. I love this scent because it is very clean and fresh with a little bit of floral. Perfect for a spring day and perfect for everyday wear.

Philosophy “Pure Grace Summer” – Now this one seems like it may be similar to Bobbi Brown “Beach”, but where that one smells like a “beach day”, this one captures more of a “summer day”. It is not sunscreen smelling, which some people may prefer. But you still get a slight hint of coconut mixed with almost a fruity and fresh smell. (This one is so hard to describe!). The notes are: Bergamot, Coconut Water, Citron Zest, Dune Rose, Cocoa Absolute, Solar Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

So those are my three favorite scents for spring/summer! I know everybody has different tastes, but these are just some ideas if you are looking for a new fragrance! Another tip I want to point out is that if you are unsure of a scent, check to see if it comes in a rollerball or travel spray. I often buy scents in the rollerball if I want to try out a fragrance before splurging on the full size, or also because they are handing for your purse/travel bag. And also, lets be honest, how often do we go through a full size fragrance!?

I hope you enjoyed this post, have a great weekend!

❤ Rylie


March Favorites

I can’t believe March is over..this year is flying by!! I have discovered a few new favorites during this month, and I can’t wait to share them with you!! These are the products that I have been using the most this month:


Fitbit Flex – I bought this at the beginning of the month, and I love it so much! It has really helped me to get on track with changing my fitness and eating habits. This band tracks the amount of steps taken in a day, as well as miles and calories burned. You can also track your sleeping pattern, which is pretty interesting! My favorite thing about this is that you can add friends and create challenges with them. This has really motivated me to get up and get moving!

BareMinerals Pop of Passion – I absolutely love these lip balms! (I recently did a review on them, so be sure to check that out!). But I cannot stop reaching for Peach Passion. It is a very neutral color and perfect for everyday, but I love how smooth and moisturizing it is!

Clinique Happy in Bloom – This is a new fragrance I picked up at the beginning of March, and I am so happy I did! It is the most perfect fresh, floral scent! I got this in the rollerball because let’s face it…I never go through whole bottles of perfume. Plus I love how easy a rollerball is for travel or to just throw in your purse.

Maybelline FitMe Matte & Poreless – This foundation has been one of my favorites this month. I have really been enjoying how easy it is to apply and how it makes my skin looks matte, but not too drying! It gives me good coverage without looking too caked on.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I don’t know why I waited so long to try this dry shampoo! I hear everybody talk about it, but have never picked it up…until now! and oh boy, do I love it! I picked this one up solely on the packaging (I’m a sucker for leopard print) but I quickly fell in love with how this one smells! I have tried other brands of dry shampoos, but this is definitely going to be a repurchase!

Ear Jackets – This is a new earring trend right now, and I think they are just too cute! If you aren’t familiar, the stud goes into the ear lobe, and the bottom “row” hangs down underneath the ear lobe. I’ve gotten two pairs, and I have been wearing them a ton this month!

I hope you enjoyed this post…I would love to know what your favorites were during the month of March!

❤ Rylie