NEW! From Wet N’ Wild

Hi everyone! I was recently perusing Walgreens when I came across a display of all new Wet N’ Wild products! So I decided to try out a few things. Everything looked so fun and summery that I couldn’t resist! So stay tuned to find out what I picked up and what I think about it!

The first thing that caught my eye was the liquid lipsticks. There was a whole line of metallic, bright colors. I picked up two of these, in “Coming up Roses” and “Peony Express”. I’ve used them a few times and I love the pigmentation! I wouldn’t say that they are transfer proof and they don’t dry down matte like some liquid lipsticks. But the colors and the metallic shimmer are so perfect for summer! Find them HERE



Top: Coming up Roses

Bottom: Peony Express

The next thing that caught my eye was the new highlighting sicks. They claim to be all-purpose, for face, skin and lips. So far I’m pretty impressed with this. I’ve only used it on my cheeks but it applies very smooth and creamy, and blends very nicely. There are three colors to choose from, and the one I chose is “Light up my high-biscus” Find them HERE.



The last thing I picked up was one of the MegaLast nail polishes (I’m now wishing I picked up more than one!). I chose the color “Poppy Culture” which is a pretty orange-red. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the lasting power of this nail polish, but mostly liked the color. Boy, was I surprised! This lasted a good 4-5 days before it started chipping (normally my polish chips after a day or two, no matter what brand I use). So for $2, I was quite impressed by this! I may even pick up some more colors! Find them HERE.



I hope you enjoyed seeing what I recently picked up from Wet N Wild. I have to say I am pretty impressed with this collection and for the price, it cannot be beat!

I would love to know if you have tried any of the new products and what your thoughts are!

❤ Rylie


Mani Monday!


Happy Monday everyone, and more importantly, happy SPRING! Yesterday was the first day of spring, and even though it doesn’t quite feel like it yet here, I can tell its on its way! Yesterday I was perusing Walmart (as I do about once a week), and I saw some new nail polishes (so naturally I had to buy some!). The brand is Sinful Colors, which are less than $3. So the new ones are by Sinful Colors, but they are called “Sinful Shine”, and from what I can tell they are supposed to be a gel polish without the lights. This collection is also apparently a collaboration with Kylie Jenner. So anyway, I picked up the one color that was calling to me (there are about 20 colors total!), and then I noticed that there was a “step 2” top coat. So I picked that up as well. I am curious to see how well these hold up!

Shop the collection HERE


Have you tried these nail polishes? I’m curious to know how well they last!

Have a great week everyone!

❤ Rylie

Essie ‘Gel Setter’

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great week! Essie has released a new product that it supposed to give you a gel-like manicure without all the hassle! I tried this out and wanted to share my thoughts!

I purchased my bottle from Meijer, but so far I have not seen this in any other stores yet. It can also be purchased from This nail polish costs $9-10 depending on where you get it from.


Claims: “it’s a true innovation. just apply my gel.setter over any of my gorgeous nail colors to see plumper, shinier, gel-like color. no gel curing time. no lamp needed. easy removal” – Essie


Essie claims that you can use any of their nail colors along with this – I used ‘Mod Square’

I took a picture each day to show you how my nails looked:

This is right after application – looks very shiny and has a quick dry time which is a plus!


Second day, still looking nice and shiny, and no chips!


After the third day, there were still no chips on either hand!


The fourth day is when it all went downhill….I had multiple chips 😦 You can see this hand had two (almost three) chipped nails, and the other hand had two as well. I did do some house cleaning this day, so this is likely what caused them to chip.

I didn’t take any more pics, because once my nails chip, I remove the polish.

My thoughts: So this ended up lasting me a good 3 1/2 days before it chipped. In my opinion, that’s nothing spectacular. But I do really like how my nails looked for the first three days. I will continue to use this polish since I’ve already bought it, but I don’t think I would ever repurchase 😦

Let me know if you have tried this and how it worked for you!

❤ Rylie

Top 5 Summer Nail Colors

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I am sharing my top 5 favorite colors for summer nail polishes! I love bright pinks/colors, but I am also really loving white! And the pale blue is one of my newest favorites for summer!! I probably change my nail color twice a week, so I love experimenting with new colors! These are just a few of my fave 🙂

IMG_4242 2

Top L-R:

  • Essie ‘Marshmallow’
  • OPI ‘Live Love Carnaval’
  • Essie ‘Mod Square”

Bottom L-R:

  • Lauren B Beauty ‘Sunset Tower’
  • Essie ‘Find me an Oasis’

What shade are you loving this summer??

❤ Rylie

Hot or Not? White Nails

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Lately I have been seeing white nails EVERYWHERE. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but now I have totally jumped on that wagon! I think this trend is especially great during the spring and summer as it gives such a crisp, bright look (especially with a bit of a tan!)



I would love to know what your thoughts are on this nail polish trend! It is cute, or is it too stark?? Let me know in the comments!

❤ Rylie

Easter Pastels

Easter is coming up this Sunday, and I thought it was the perfect time to get out my ‘pastels’. I love the memories of searching for my Easter basket with my brother, and doing the egg hunt. I also loved (and still do love) coloring Easter eggs! All of these things just make me think of pastel colors. I love to incorporate pastels into my makeup and nails! I think it just screams SPRING and looks so cute and feminine!


  • Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac
  • Benefit – Lollitint
  • Too Faced Melted Lipstick – Melted Peony
  • China Glaze – Dashboard Dreamer
  • Nyx Butter Gloss – Eclair

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

❤ Rylie