The Color Run!!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I have had a very busy weekend! On Saturday morning I did The Color Run and then had a wedding to go to that night! (Luckily all the color came out!). Today I wanted to share some pictures from The Color Run.

If you have never heard of it, it is a 5k that you can either run or walk/dance. My group is not a group of runners, so we chose to walk/dance! Along the way, there are 5 color stations, and 1 glitter station. When you go through, they blast you with colored powder! At the end of the race, there is a little after party where you get your medal and a color packet. Everyone gets real close and then on the count of 3….throw your color! It is a massive cloud of color EVERYWHERE! We had such a blast and already looking forward to next year!


My Outfit…Yes we wore Tutus!!


Mom and I ready to start


Going into the glitter station!!


The after party!! Color was EVERYWHERE!!


Our group at the end!! (don’t we look pretty??)

IMG_4198 IMG_4200

Before      ||       After

If The Color Run is near you, you should definitely check it out! You do not have to run, you can just have fun!! This was my first time doing this one, and I already want to do it again!!

Let me know if you have ever done this!!

❤ Rylie

5 thoughts on “The Color Run!!

  1. jodi - a brash attitude says:

    I did it last year for the very first time, and am signed up for it again this year (It is in August here in Montreal), I can’t wait! I had a rainbow tutu last year, I’m not sure if I will wear it again this year or if I will try to find something else. 🙂

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